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April 6, 1962

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Short introduction

The Austrian singer and composer Nikolaus Presnik is behind the pseudonym Nik P. His favorite style is Schlager.

Nikolaus Presnik is divorced and has four children. His most famous song is “A star … (which bears your name)”.

Early life 

Nikolaus Presnik was brought into the world on April 6, 1962 in Friesach in the Austrian territory of Carinthia. While his mom was from Austria, his dad was Russian, who made money by functioning as a farmhand. Nicholas was the third of five kin. It wasn't in every case simple for Nikolaus in his youth. From one viewpoint, this was because of the absence of cash from which the family endured. Then again, the kid was underestimated in light of his Russian-conceived father. Nikolaus had early contacts with music through his dad, who was in some cases visited by other Russian individuals and who then, at that point, sang Russian melodies together, played balalaika and were excessively glad such that Nik P. still recollects these festivals many years after the fact. Nikolaus Presnik encouraged himself to play the guitar as a young person. 


After Nikolaus Presnik completed secondary school, he started preparing as a server. After military help, he at first functioned as a woodworker and CNC specialist. At the point when he was 19 years of age, he and his cousin established a band that acted in the neighborhood. Nikolaus Presnik was advanced by his supervisor Klaus Bartelmuss. He perceived the ability of the youthful performer and set up a little studio for him in an old stable structure. In 1997 "Broken Heart" was delivered, Nik P's. debut collection, which he recorded along with his going with combo "Reflex". This and the accompanying collections and singles prompted achievement. In 2005 the "Reflex" bunch isolated. Thusly, Nik P. established another band comprising chiefly of artists who learned at the University of Music in Graz. Along with DJ Ötzi, Nik P. has dispatched a few different undertakings. 

Career highlights

Nik P. has delivered 14 studio collections up until now. Of these, twelve were put on the Austrian collection outlines. Of these twelve, eight made it into the main ten and three even came to the top. His best single is undisputed "One star… (which bears your name)". With this melody, the craftsman had the option to come out ahead of the pack in the single outlines both in Germany and Austria. The tune came in just short of the win in Switzerland. In Germany the tune remained in outlines for a long time. This makes the tune the fourth longest recorded melody in the single graphs. There are currently more than 30 cover adaptations of this present vocalist's own creation. As a feature of "A definitive Chart Show", a RTL TV program, the tune started things out in the "Best Songs of the New Millennium". In Germany, Nik P. has been granted platinum multiple times. In Austria he got five gold records and six platinum. In Switzerland he got a gold record. 

Success tips

The troublesome youth was an extremely developmental encounter for Nikolaus Presnik. The difficulties and rejections have additionally ventured him a piece, so he could turn out well for him. Had he experienced childhood in a rich and regarded family, he likely would not have dared to seek after his vocation as an artist. He views it critical to know about the fleetingness, everything being equal. For Nik P., obligation is an extraordinary righteousness. It is significant that you treat yourself and others, yet in addition your prosperity, dependably. For his purposes, warmth and fondness are other significant qualities that individuals should have and ought to emanate towards their family members. Particularly in the advanced age, these things are a higher priority than at any other time.


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