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Short introduction

Probably the most popular member of the Backstreet Boys, the most successful boy group ever, Nick Carter became a megastar. In the nineties the girls’ hearts literally flew to him – but the singer can smile more than just charming and still works hard for his success.

Early life

Nickolas Gene Carter, nicknamed Nick, was brought into the world in Jamestown, New York, in mid 1980. The family moved to Florida during the eighties. He is the oldest offspring of his folks, who separated in 2003, and has four kin.

The most popular is artist Aaron Carter. Throughout the long term, extraordinary questions created in Carter's family, which prompted a drawn out break in touch.
 In Florida, youthful Nick Carter went to a wide range of castings for movies, plugs and singing, which presented to him his first encounters. So he was permitted to assume a little part in "Edward with the scissor hands" at ten years old. In 1993 Carter at long last went to a projecting by kid band producer Lou Pearlman, who formed the Backstreet Boys out of Carter and four other youngsters.  


Scratch Carter was the most youthful individual from the Backstreet Boys, with whom he made his enormous forward leap during the 1990s. Therefore, the band delivered various hits that are as yet referred to the present time, for example, "Everyone" from 1997, "I Want It That Way" and "Amazing" from 1999 and "State Of My Heart" from 2000. The band commended the best triumphs and record breaking with their collection "Thousand years" from 1999. In 2002 Nick Carter delivered his first independent collection "Presently or Never". This occurred simultaneously as Justin Timberlake from * NSYNC. Contrasted with this, Carter was at first unfit to expand on his band achievement, however for "Presently or Never" it got acclaim from the pundits and effectively delivered a solitary called "Help Me". At first Carter focused on the gathering with the Backstreet Boys, with whom he is currently at the highest rated spot – for instance with the most recent work "DNA" from 2019. The artist never let go of his performance vocation. So delivered the collections "I'm Taking Off" and "All American" in 2011 and 2015 and worked with different artists like Jennifer Paige and Jordan Knight. For Nick Carter, individual acknowledgment and advancement is vital.  

Career highlights

Back in 1997 Nick Carter had incredible accomplishment with the Backstreet Boys and their collection "Backstreet's Back". The single "Everyone" arrived at number 2 on the German graphs, a sold-out visit followed. What followed two years after the fact was unimaginable: the collection "Thousand years" ended up being the smash hit collection in the main seven day stretch of its delivery. The gathering set a standard, gotten platinum in 28 nations, and sold "Thousand years" thirty million times. Until this point, the Backstreet Boys are basically relentless. Her most current work "DNA" suddenly entered No. 1 on the US graphs and went on a world visit. With this band Nick Carter sold a sum of 130 million records. He was named for the Grammy multiple times and won four Billboard Music Awards and seven MTV grants. "Presently or Never" was not a super accomplishment for Nick Carter like the Backstreet Boys, yet gave him a first establishment. He remained in the best 30 of the US graphs for quite some time and his single "Help Me" stayed in the main 20 for a considerable length of time in Great Britain and Germany. Later Carter was especially effective with his coordinated efforts. The 2009 delivery "Excellent Lie" with vocalist Jennifer Paige remained in the German diagrams for a long time. 

 Amazing facts 

– In the two-thousanders, the unscripted TV drama "Place of Carters" ran, which was concerning how Carter's family attempts to draw nearer to one another after their contention. Scratch Carter loathes this show oday. – For his child, brought into the world in 2016, the vocalist has recorded a youngsters' tune collection that the young man can generally pay attention to. – According to his own assertion, Nick Carter experienced medication and liquor issues. The introduction of his child and an analyzed coronary illness assisted him with putting these propensities down. – In 2015 the performer came in just short of the leader on the dance show "Hitting the dance floor with the Stars".


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