Tech N9ne Net Worth 2023


 Tech N9ne is Kansas City Rapper Born Aaron Donsez in 1971. He recorded music under the independent label founded in 1999 with Travis O'Guin called strange music. His career began when he was a member of the Black Mafia Rap Group in 1991. With the problem of the group label was dropped from the initial recording agreement and N9ne technology joined another group but not in 1999 when he was displayed in a record with Rza, Eminem and Krs-One called song.

In the same year he released his first studio album under his independent label calm before the storm. Since then he dropped 13 albums including the release of 2013 something else. He sold more than 2 million albums.Tech N9ne has two daughters, Alyia and ruled Yates, from her marriage to his present ex-wife. He also had a son named Donnie from the affair before his first wedding.


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