Ginger Zee Net Worth 2023


 Ginger Zee is a very famous TV personality of the United States. During his career, he worked as a meteorologist and chef for ABC news. In addition, he worked as a weekend meteorological expert.

 Inspiration to become a meteorologist appeared when he was young, and when he visited a waters in Lake Michigan. If you are interested in learning something more about Ginger Zee in 2021, which you don't know, stay with us for a few minutes.  

Private Life

Ginger Zee was born as Ginger Renee Colononomo, on the thirteenth of January 1981. He was born in Orange, California. His parents Robert Zuidgeest and Dawn Zuidestest-Craft. When he was very young, his family moved to Michigan. He was named after the TV show that his father really liked in those years. When it came to his family, he had two sisters of Elaina and Adrianna Craft stairs, and A Stepfather Carl Craft. He graduated from Rockford High School in Rockford, Michigan. Then, he attended the University of Valparaiso. He obtained a meteorology degree, and majoring in Mathematics and Spanish. 


After graduation, he began working for several media stations such as WLAV-FM, Weyi-TV, Wyin-TV, Wood-TV, and more. During his early career, while he worked as an internship, he was guided by James Spann, a head of meteorology. During his time at WMAQ TV, he was asked to become a guest meteorologist in the "Today Show" weekend edition. This is only the beginning of the fulfillment of his childhood dreams. It is important to say that he is a certified meteorologist. His breakthrough work is his appearance at "Good Morning America Weekend". In addition, he began to appear in ABC programming.  

Ginger Zee Net Worth

His net worth in 2021 was $ 4 million. Almost all of his wealth accumulated from his work as a meteorologist on several large and important media stations. He was very committed to his work, and now he is one of the highly respected meteorologists in the United States. He even became the head of meteorology at some point. The annual salary is approximately $ 500 thousand.


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